Mini Rider Lessons

Mini rider lessons are designed for the youngest of horse enthusiasts, ages 4-6 yrs. This lesson option consists of learning basic vocal commands, basic riding posture, and balance techniques. The lessons are roughly 20-30 minutes in length and horses are ready upon the child's arrival .

Horseback Riding Lessons

Private Lessons

This option is a one-on-one lesson with an instructor and is open to ages 6-100 yrs of age. No experience is necessary to ride, we are pleased to have complete beginners but also enjoy our more advanced riders as well. There are no other horses in the ring during a private lesson. This allows for complete focus on the rider and that specific riders goals and needs during his/her time in the saddle. The lesson is roughly 45min-1hr in length with 30 min of actual in the saddle time. The remainder of the time is spend grooming/tacking your horse and building a relationship with your horse on the ground. Riders ride the same horses weekly for consistency, and change horses as they move up in levels and abilities. All riders beginning with us  begin learning English Hunt Seat Flat, but have the option to change disciplines as they progress. Email for more information.

Extended Private Lessons

These lessons are identical  to the Private Lesson option above, with the exception of time. These lessons are roughly a little over 1hr in length to 1.5hrs in length with more time spent with the horse and in the saddle. The rider spends approximately 45-50min of actual riding time in the saddle  and the remainder of the time is spent grooming/tacking their horse. Theses lessons are recommended for the advanced beginner through more advanced levels.

More Lessons/Classes Offered

  • Horsemanship

  • Show Ring Grooming

  • Show Braiding

  • Basic Training Techniques

  • Equine Nutrition

  • Equine Vaccinations

  • Equine Care & Maintenance

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Semi-Private Lessons

These lessons are open to select riders who demonstrate the skills and ability to work safely within a group lesson setting. The lessons are designed to still accommodate the individual’s goals and needs, but are conducted in a group of 2-3 riders. These lessons are roughly 1 hr in length with approximately 30-40min of time spent in the saddle.